Last chance to run!

A brides comical message to her awaiting groom via her bridesmaid.... 


Need less to say, he was still there when she walked down the aisle with her Dad....




Jamaica (Pt 2)

Negril beach

Negril beach

The beach in Negril has allegedly been used in a James Bond movie. I know parts of Dr No was filmed in Jamaica, I'm not sure if Negril was used. Anyway, it is on the west coast of the island and is very nice indeed......

p.s. So were the Margarita's!!! 



Jamaica 2016

We just returned from 2 weeks in Jamaica! Negril on the west coast to be exact and it was hot! Temperatures never get much above 36 deg C, but never drop much below 26 deg C, 24-7, 365 days a year........ There were a few thunder storms during the days, but 10 minutes later and everything was dry again. Occasionally at night we were treated to a light show with the lightning dancing in the clouds. White sand and blue sea was the order of the day as was lots of sun cream....

Panorama of the beach in front of the hotel..... 

Panorama of the beach in front of the hotel..... 



R.I.P. Bailey! (04.07.08 - 28.04.15)

This has been one of the toughest weeks of my life, and that of my wife's. Our dog Bailey had to be put to sleep on Tuesday. He would be 7 on the 4th of July. One of my favourite photos of Bailey, showing just how handsome he was.  


He wasn't himself in the middle of last week, went off his food and was taken to the Vet on Saturday, where some blood was taken for analysis. The Vet did say Bailey's gums were very yellow and suspected some liver problems to be the cause. We left hoping for the best, but dreading the worst, with antibiotics and a very sorry looking Bailey.

He did eat, though not his normal dry food, preferring bacon, chicken and anything else tasty, like some Pedigree Chum. We were hopeful that if we could keep the meds going in that he would recover.

On Tuesday however, we received the news we didn't want. The Vet said that the results of the blood test were worse than she first expected, his liver was failing and that Bailey was probably in a lot of pain. We sadly arranged to go in that evening so as not to prolong Bailey's agony, and if I'm honest, so as not to prolong our own.

On arriving home I was met by Bailey and Lara at the gate as if nothing was wrong. I was confused! Bailey snaffled some more chicken and I didn't know why we were planning to go to the Vet. Whilst he looked a little slow, he trotted about the garden as normal...!? As I fed him the chicken though, I could see just how yellow his whole mouth was, let alone his gums.

We went to the Vet and asked if the situation was recoverable? If there was any way we could nurse him back. Unfortunately the answer was no. With tears welling, we all went into the Vets room. I held Bailey's head and rubbed his ears as he was put to sleep. My heart broke! My wife had tears in her eyes as she held our daughter Jenna who didn't really understand what was happening.

We brought Bailey home and he now rests in our garden, in a peaceful little corner where he can stand guard.

Some photos of Bailey from about 8 weeks old to a fully grown Beagle. Of course that's Lara in the snow, she arrived 6 months after Bailey and has lost her soulmate. She is pining for him constantly.......













We all miss you Big Lad!



Ibiza 2014

We recently went on holiday to Ibiza. As we have a 3 year old, we didn't really go for the night life, let's face it, even if we didn't have a 3 year old, it would still NOT have been about the night life for us old fogies... Anyway, we were advised to go to San Antonio and visit Cafe Mambo to see the sunset, which appears to be a big draw. Some people pay for the privilege of front seats in the Cafés decking area, whereas we arrived a bit later. We still got seats at the front, just that they were on the edges of the decking out on the rocks.....

Cafe Mambo....


And the resulting sunset.....




My way or the highway!

It does look a bit like Jacqui was reading the riot act to all her bridesmaids, but they were actually just fixing her dress.....another decisive little moment, if a little misleading.


She was actually a really nice bride, and its coming up to a year ago that she got married to Stephen in Lurgan. She also loved being in front of the camera.....


And just to show you she has a sense of humour, she sent one of her bridesmaids down the aisle in front of her carrying this little sign for her soon to be husband.....


Yes you read it correctly..."This is your last chance to run!"....



Fun in the play park!

Last Friday was such a nice day, we decided to go to the play park in Banbridge. Cool enough to need a hat and gloves, but still damp enough to make the slides unusable. Never the less, Jenna seemed to enjoy herself and could still run around and use the swings. She loves the swings...




And without having been here before, she knows what she is supposed to climb. Thankfully she can't do it on her own as she is still a little unsteady at times and has no fear whatsoever!


But then she tries to climb UP the slide side??


Climbing again...


Where to now Daddy?


Happy girl....


And now the tongue comes out! Apparently she gets this from me.....?


She runs about with her arms outstretched, like she is flapping her wings...







Now she's piloting the little boat...



One of my favourites from the day, we now have this framed on our wall....


I have this one and another on my office wall. I think she looks really casual in this one...


And when we got back to the car it was time for a big drink and a kip on the way home...


Still gorgeous!!



Gayle & Matthew Sneak Peek

Gayle & Matthew got married last week and we got a great day with the sun even puting in an appearance when we got to the white rocks beside the Royal Court Hotel where they had their reception.


In the evening we did had a photo booth where the newlyweds got into the swing of things.


And just in case they forget who they now are....




I love B&W

I love this image! It is a nice fine art wedding photo, not the usual posey smiley stuff. It was done with a rustic finish in the album, but nothing beats the purity of black & white. I have this printed BIG and hung on the wall of my office.




Is it time to go home now?

A little moment captured for all time, the archetypal "decisive moment", the phrase associated with the famous photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. She looks like she has had enough of this wedding lark and just wants to go home, shoulders slumped standing in the Church doorway.



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Andrex Moment

Just this evening I was sitting in my office when my wife came in to speak to me. We could hear Jenna babbling in the distance as she is prone to do. All was well until there was silence, a sure sign of something amiss. We both jumped up and moved quickly towards our kitchen and family room to check on Jenna. As I reached the kitchen I was called back to our bathroom by Lorna to witness the following.....


Just prior to me getting my camera, the little tinker was standing knee deep in bog roll and pulling the last of it off the holder with a big grin on her face.



Totally happy with the situation, she even reached up to pull the cardboard tube off the holder...



Still gorgeous!!

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Prodigy, Madness, Little Feat, Tai Chi, Rain Dancing and walking all in one blog post..!

Friday 17th August 2012 was the date. The date when Miss Jenna officially began to walk on her own. Until now she has needed some support, either a piece of furniture or a hand to cling onto. Over the last week she has taken a few wee steps between Mum and Dad but not much more. Until Friday that is, when she started to let go of the furniture on her own and start to walk unaided across the room. Now she can't get enough of it, still a bit wobbly but getting better. I don't think it will be long until she is running down the garden getting into trouble. She had her hair in 2 little bobbles which made it stand up, hence why she's our wee Firestarter...


Getting ready or calling a taxi....


Now we are standing, I might as well try to walk...


The concentration required is just amazing...


We are now walking, but also looks like she is doing Tai Chi....


See what I mean...?


Maybe it's time for a break and hold onto the picnic table...


Or maybe I'll just shout at the cows...


Here's the baggy trousers...baggy "butt" cute...(pun intended)


And now for those Little Feat....


I really hope it's a sun dance not a rain dance....


And we'll end on the little Firestarter again....


Still georgeous..!



Mother's Day in A&E

It all started out ok, with chocolates, flowers and cards, but went downhill rapidly. We went to my Mother's in the afternoon but Jenna decided the Olympics had arrived early, was practicing her gymnastics and did a backflip off Lorna's lap. In the process she hurt her arm! We went to A&E and were met by some very helpful Doctors and Nurses. Nothing appears to be wrong, but her arm was a bit limp so they put it in a cast and a tiny sling as a precaution. This is a lesson in making a cast and a sling look cute! Today she was recuperating with Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse unfortunately for her, back in her bouncy seat rather than just sitting on the floor for safety reasons.


And just look at those 'icle fingers sticking out of that cast. I can't wait to write on it, but Lorna says no! :-(


Still gorgeous...!



Guess who's sitting up...?

Yes, almost unaided, Jenna is now sitting up by herself. She is still a bit wobbly, but there has been a big improvement this week, in fact between Friday and Saturday there was a big difference. As I say, it's not perfect yet and she will still fall over backwards if something makes her jump, or if she throws her arms in the air, but it's nearly there....


And here's the face with a big drool which is significant for the next announcement coming very soon....


Hands constantly in the mouth are equally consistent with this development...


And this is the face when it is engrossed in the TV. Our little telly addict.....


Still gorgeous..!



My First McDonalds...!

When we were out on Saturday afternoon, we decided to go to McDonalds. This was Jenna's first, well actually second visit to McDonalds, but her first visit where she sampled the goods! Her first visit was a few months ago when she was too young to try out the chips, but this time being 7 months and a bit, she had a chip. Well she had 1 chip that she sucked on for a bit as she doesn't have any teeth yet. Not sure she was really all that keen on the chip, she still isn't quite sure what to do with food that isn't puréed.

What do I do with this Daddy?


She was typically more interested in the chip packet than the chip itself, she just wasn't sure what to do with that either....


Maybe if I check out the kids on this table over here, they can help me decide what to do with this thing......


Nope! That didn't help, maybe it's a hat! What do you think Daddy?


Not sure it suits you J...

Still gorgeous..!